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  1. Whenever we click a link system asks a permission that you are navigating out of evernote. Do you want to continue ? I do not want that warning message, its just wastage of time. If i have clicked on link obviously i want to go there. There should be a way to switch it off
  2. Thanks everyone for the reply.. The above example was taken for browser(web based search on desktop). As of now i started using (ctrl+F and enter to move to next )as a workaround to highlight and search within notes.
  3. Hi I have been using evernote quite a long. Like all other feature but search is not that user friendly. for example :- i want to search a word 'unix' in my notes. step1 :- i will type 'unix' in 'Search box' and press search button Actual result It will show me which all notes have the word unix in it. Expected result It should tell where in those notes exactly 'unix' word is there and how many times. Its annoying to scroll down till the end and search the word and there are chances i may miss a word. Could you please let me know if there is any existing feature or you can bring line nbrs in notes so its easy to goto that line and check it out. As scrolling and checking manually is not a good idea. Sometimes each note has 1000 lines in it. So scrolling and checking the highlight portion is difficult
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