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  1. Hello, I began to use Evernote API and SDK for my own app. Currently I'd like to exploit my notes for personal use in PHP and Excel. It works well on "sandbox account". The problem is I'd like to use my notes on my real account now. I requested API key activation on https://dev.evernote.com/support/ but it still have no reply until now. Maybe because my app is particular as it's for personal use? I'd like to ask if you allow API key activation of such app. Thanks, PS : I would be happy even if it's activated for my production account only.
  2. Thank you for replying, All have you said allow the previous features, well. Like using tag:some_tag. All I have to say is I wonder why it becomes more difficult to use like this. Previously, we had just on search bar with all features, Here are few case I can list : - no more autosuggestion on search, we need to use mouse and click to select few search alternatives in the search explanation - tags can't be directly entered in the search bar anymore. click is not partical, we need to click on each tag - etc. Before, everything was supported by the unique search bar and I could select multiple tags immediately. The autosuggestion below allowed to choose tags too. In any case, I'll try to adapt myself or i'll go back to 5. Thanks (y)
  3. Hello, After using Evernote 5 for long time, I've just updated to Evernote 6. Evernote 6's search is so bad, unusable. Where was the possibility to make search with tag in the bar???? There is some options to show the search information so we could add tag there but need to click one by one and need to turn the "all" option. The CTRL+Q is unusable as it still doesn't allow to combine tags. So bad, I'm really disappointed after upgrading. Perhaps, I'll go back to 5 version. Thanks,
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