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  1. OneNote is friendly with tables. You can drags it and adjust accordingly. EverNote may lack the staffs to get the extra features that we want.
  2. It will be so much easier if u use cam scanner which support both side business card scanning. Cam Scanner>>>
  3. It take some time for Evernote to sync before we can work on the notes. It is unlike Apple Notes where it is available on the phone. You will have a problem if the network is unstable when u want to use it.
  4. EverNote is not providing any updates at this moment to the loyal users. They had a superb software but now everything seems to be falling apart.
  5. Evernote may not be listening to the users and reaction is slower than anticipated. One Note is more stable but may lack some of the useful functions of Evernote.
  6. Then it is no point if it is the third time that you are going to do it.
  7. It had intelligent search functions than Dropbox. But they also had more bugs than Dropbox. As Dropbox Paper improve, they will dominate over Evernote.
  8. You have powerful network contact. We shall see whether the CEO can push through this with the team. Let's give a deadline of 10 March 2017.
  9. You may want to delete the Evernote app and reinstall the app again. Give it a try to verify that it will resolve your issue before any fixes are made by the developer.
  10. Evernote staff should resolve this issue and bring the app to greater height. But nowadays, I seldom see Evernote staff updating the forum with replies.
  11. You can use Notes by Apple. But it may lack the functionality of what EverNote offers. Try to delete and reinstall Evernote, it may resolve the issue. Give it a try before you decided to give up.
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