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  1. Except it still takes a long time to search, possibly because the cache is cleared, and it is still freezing occasionally when I try to scroll through the search results. I have cleared up some storage hoping that will help.
  2. For the past couple of weeks at least, when I search for text in my notes, the search screen returns nothing for a long time. When it finally returns, I hadn't select the notes in the search results, the app appears to freeze and I have to close it. Is this the same issue others are reporting?
  3. I've had a similar issue, starting last week. I use Swype + Dragon keyboard, as I have for years, but on Thursday it stopped inserting spaces automatically. It is fine for all other apps, so it is a compatibility issue between Evernote and the keyboard. There has been another longer problem where the delete key sometimes corrupts a word, adding a letter as if the cursor was out of line when the delete occurred. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8.0.0 with Evernote 8.2 and Swype 3.2.4. Reverting to Samsung keyboard resolves the space issue but I don't want to have to use an inferior keyboard for one app. Any suggestions?
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