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  1. I wish Evernote would hurry up and do this. Their competitor, OneNote, has a solution for this. I don't care if the OCR is imperfect, I just want it. I'll fix the typos myself. I generate hundreds of handwritten pages a month, scanned via the Evernote ScanSnap. Using a transcription service is super expensive. Converting them to another app, only to put them back into Evernote, is a massive pain. Search and OCR are not the same, and while searching is certainly valuable, there are other uses for the text itself. OCR has been a thing for years - please, Evernote, make it happen!
  2. Hi, longtime Evernote user here. I've been using the Snapscan to digitize my analog files (thousands of pages scanned) and was generally very happy with the results. I have a fresh install of Yosemite (10.10.2), and using the latest Evernote version (6.0.8). However, something very strange started happening in the past few days. I had a huge stack of notebooks that I was interested in collapsing into one big mega-notebook. I did this largely manually, using "Select All" in every notebook in the stack, and moving it to the new mega-notebook. Each notebook moved had somewhere between 5 and 100 notes, there were about 1500 notes in total. After moving, I then proceeded to delete the "smaller" notebook that the notes were originally in. I started moving the notes the other day and had no problem, or so it seemed. Then today I logged in and found, much to my surprise, about 900 notes in my default notebook -- while the big new mega-notebook had 0 notes. I didn't make much of it, and proceeded to move them right back to where they belonged -- and proceeded to continue with the rest of the migration. Then I realized that, before my very eyes, the notes were "spontaneously" migrating back to the default notebook. In fact (since I have note counts enabled in the sidebar), I could literally see the notes counting down in my mega-notebook and counting up in the default, disappearing from one and reappearing in the other. At first, I thought it was a notebook capacity thing, so I tried splitting it into two separate notebooks. No luck, now both of them were "bleeding" notes to the default notebook. Then (mostly because of this thread) I thought maybe it might have to do with the notebook name (all three notebooks, including the default one, had names starting with an underscore, "_"). But, no such luck, neither changing the names nor creating a fresh notebook without a symbol made any difference. Finally, it seemed that the notes "stabilized" when I divided them into three separate notebooks under the same stack, each with approx. 500 notes. All these notes are quite large in individual capacity, as they are all scanned JPGs. However, my upload capacity is a premium user is just barely scratching the surface (39MB). I believe there may have been some connection to conflicts between server and local copies of evernote, since the changes seemed to be prompted by syncing -- and a few final notes kept insisting on shuttling back to the default. (But I'm not sure of this) I haven't seen anything anywhere else (i.e. via Google) about maximum notebook capacity -- this article mentions various limits, but notebook capacity is not among them.
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