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  1. thanks for the info and you are correct, must clear the search bar first.
  2. the application on my both windows 10 laptops requires that I repeatedly click on an open note before I can type in new information. Used to be I had to just click once in an open note before. this click several times before I can start typing is a pain. is this a bug and when will it be fixed
  3. Just upgraded to version and I no longer see the time and date for the note. this was a handy item if I wanted to change the date of the note to today's date. where did that feature get moved to? thanks
  4. Is there any way to copy and paste from a web browser or other program into Evernote and use a default Evernote font? I would rather the font and format info from the browser not be used in Evernote when I paste it into a note. When I only want to copy a line or two of text I now have to copy then paste into windows notepad to remove the font and formating info then copy and paste into Evernote. any suggestions? Thanks
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