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  1. cameronreilly — thanks for the screenshot! I don’t seem to have that button, or it’s covered up by the bar with the < in it, as you can see in my screenshot. There’s probably a simple adjustment, but I don’t know what it is. I’ll try all the usual stuff again — reboot phone, sign in/out, delete & re-dl the app... But, DTLow, I agree. If those don’t work, support is next. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Can somebody help me to know why I can keep my record file.

    while using rocord function, at last, push the OK ( finish) button, than

    sunddenly the file was gone?

    Jesus, who can tell me what’s the problem is?

  3. I just had this problem. When I read your post, what got my attention was that you said you hit "Done". Where did you do that? I don't see anything on the screen when I have a note open in my iOS app that's even remotely related to Done, Save, Sync, Enter, etc. And each time I leave a note, nothing I changed has been saved. It does work the other way around -- changes I make on my laptop sync and save properly, and there's also the sync button on the laptop app if I want to be very sure. But it's incredibly frustrating to see no option for this on my phone. I thought maybe I needed an update,
  4. @Nick Harvey -- if you use Evernote a lot and every note is really that important, I'd say it's worth it to become a premium member. Just rescuing that one encrypted note by being able to view the history was worth five bucks to me for a month-- and Evernote is so great that I'm glad I finally gave them some money after using the service for free for years to sync my devices before Airdrop made it so simple to share docs instantly. Anyway, just a thought from one more satisfied customer.
  5. If a note is deleted but the trash has not been emptied, the note can be restored from the trash. Once the note is restored, any note history is available as well. (Note history is a premium feature. If you are not premium & need/want access to note history, you can pay $5 for one month of premium & then be able to access the note history.) If a note is not deleted but rather modified, note history may be the answer. Note history is only taken once about every eight hours, so any recent changes may not be included. Notes do not randomly disappear into thin air, so either the n
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