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  1. Thanks, support were able to upgrade my account to Premium as per my payment - just in time for the weekend! Next time I'll be renewing direct
  2. Thanks for the help getting Evernote support to look at this. I've now been contacted by Evernote support who said they had "manually upgraded this account to Premium while this is issue investigated". Unfortunately if I log out and back in in Chrome on Windows the account still says Free. I've advised support of this by mail yesterday, but the account still shows Free today. Actually iTunes support have been helpful, but point out don't have a lot of control over things on the developer end. It looks like this could be a long process, even before Evernote support can start their investigation.
  3. Thank you for following up. I did select "Payment or billing issue". The money was already on credit with iTunes, so I'd prefer to pay that way this time, but I won't make the mistake of trying to renew via iTunes again.
  4. I renewed Evernote Premium in iTunes on 6 April, but my Evernote account showed as Free. Two days later, after reporting the issue via iTunes the receipt mail shows up. I'd hoped this would be an automated process, but perhaps not. My Evernote account showed as Free. I submitted a support ticket (1014323) on 8 April, and the auto-reply from Evernote includes instructions for getting your money back from iTunes, so I guess they know renewal via iTunes doesn't really work. As requested in the mail I replied with the iTunes receipt when it arrived. With no response from Evernote by 14Apr I submitted another ticket (1022236) with the receipt in case that helped. Still no reply, account still shows Free when logging in on the web, etc. I gather the way to get things done is via chat, but "Chat is only available for Evernote Premium and Business users." so no help trying to get recognized as Premium. Apple support now suggest they give me a refund and I try to order again. Is this worth trying, or is the process completely broken, in which case this option should be removed from iTunes? Actually free gives me most of what I need, but I appreciate the stability improvements Evernote have been making, and I'm happy to support them in return for a few things like related notes that I use; but I'm getting rather frustrated after paying for Premium for another year without getting anything!
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