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  1. Thanks! Gave rebooting a shot but that didn't work. Just for kicks I deleted and reinstalled Penultimate and was able to connect after that, though I didn't log in to Evernote first as I did the last time - not sure if that made a difference or if it was just the re-install. Thx PizzaFiend for the response.
  2. Just received my new Jot Script 2 through the Evernote Marketplace - cannot get it to connect to Penultimate via bluetooth. Using an iPad Air 2, latest iOS update, latest Penultimate update, fully charged Jot Script 2, bluetooth enabled, multitasking gestures disabled, blue light blinking - but - not connecting on the Penultimate "Connect Jot Script" page. Tried doing it both in settings and also in a new note. Just emailed help@adonit - will update here if I get an answer from them that works - appreciate any others!
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