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  1. Since Evernote finds all the instances of a search in an attached document and even displays the document, wouldn’t it be logical to expect Evernote to let one cycle through all instances found IN each note right away? Rather than requiring me to manually open each of the documents that are shown in Evernote anyway, enter the search phrase again and then jump back to the Evernotes notes search, if the document I just looked into is not the one I was looking for?

  2. I know how to search for a certain word across multiple notes. The result of such a search would give me a list of all notes that contain my search term. However, since my notes tend to be quite long or be 200-page PDF documents, where the search term will probably appear a couple of times in each document, I'd like to be able to easily jump through all instances of the search result with a simple command. Right now I'd have to individually open each single note that my first search produced and then run the same search for the individual document again.

    I can't believe there isn't a smarter way for this.

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