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  1. Brammy, I agree with you 100%. When I use the “web clipper” in iOS 11 the clip is contaminated somehow and causes Evernote to crash when we try to open on the iPad. If I clip from my Mac, no problem opening on both the Mac and iPad. Unfortunately, Evernote techs say they won’t release a fix until the fall when iOS 11 beta is completed. The tech told me to go back to iOS 10. I can’t do that. So it’s on to OneNote.
  2. I did as you suggested. And some of the issue is resolved. The original problem was that Evernote crashed when I tried to open a note in iOS 11 beta. I have been logging in to Evernote using LastPass. Well, this time I logged in using Evernote’s login while entering ID and Passcode manually. Now it appears that I can open many notes ok but Evernote still crashes while opening some notes. The notes that cause the crash appear to be corrupted in some way. I can’t tell what the crashed note contains since it flashes quickly and Evernote crashes.
  3. I had the same problem. EN kept crashing on both iPad 9'7 and iPhone 6S. Deleted EN from both and now can't download EN on either!!!!! OneNote here I come.
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