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  1. It comes back!! In Firefox 38 it comes back for itself. Just update the browser wit the new version and it was there!.
  2. I did what you suggest. The icon didn't show up. I must to add that since all this problem started some kind of strange advertisement extensions begin to install itself in firefox. Any other person with this problem?
  3. It didn't work for me. Firefox 37.0.2 Win8
  4. Despite having 'remember history' selected before I tried again: unmarked it, closed FF, open FF, mark it, re-boot, and Voila the non-working icon brings up the clip window. BUT it is greyed out on the Tools menu and does not appear in the right click context menu. I've switched to IE where the webclipper still shows in the context menu. I do prefer Firefox but it seems that they keep mucking up features that I like and use. It didn't work for me. I did all the steps that have been suggested but the icon didn't show up. I have Win8 64 bits. Another suggestion?
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