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  1. Hi EN team As mentioned by others, many of the editor shortcuts aren't working in this release. The following note editor keyboard shortcuts list are not working for me. Trust this detail assists with a quick resolution. Win10 Home, EN-AU language, EN-US keyboard 10.6.9-win-ddl-public (2254) Editor: v116.1.14913 Service: v1.26.7 Action New version Working for me? Undo Ctrl + Z Yes Redo Ctrl +
  2. Thanks @gazumped, for the reminder about ad-blockers blocking Evernote cookies. Hi @Ornot, I had the same difficulty until I made the following cookie-related changes in Firefox v57.0.4: - Told my ad-blocker (uBlock Origin) to ignore/no longer check on evernote.com [Note: I am unsure whether this is strictly necessary, but this is my current setting]. - in Firefox > Options > search for "cookies", then set the following: * History: Use Custom settings * Accept cookies from websites * Accept third-party cookies: Never * Exceptions: Add "https://evernote.
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