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  1. I'm using the new jot script 2 stylus, writing on an IPad Air. While writing, every once in a while, a small mark/line is left where my finger touches the screen. I can't erase many of them, some I can, many I can't. Why will some erase and others won't? Anyone else dealing with this?
  2. Yesterday I received the new Jot Script 2. When I begin writing there is a 2-3mm offset issue from where the point of the stylus hits the screen and the line on the IPad (I'm using the IPad Air). When writing in zoom mode the offset problem hasn't occurred. After writing for several moments the offset problem stops and the pen performs normally. Any thoughts?? At first I thought it was the stylus, but when I wrote with the stylus in other note taking apps the problem never occurred, so obviously it's an issue with Penultimate.
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