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  1. How do I undo last action, eg deleting text?
  2. Still would like grid view of notes back Need 'undo last action' button in keyboard
  3. Thanks JMichael. I'll wait a while to see if it needs time to index properly. If it doesn't start to work, I'll send a BUG report.
  4. Thanks JMichael. I have a note whose text is an email which I forwarded from CoudMagic to Evernote. I gave it the title 'Low ferritin and restless legs'. The first sentence of the text reads, 'Restless legs syndrome may be secondary to iron deficiency'. If I search for 'ferritin' in Evernote on my iPad it finds the note fine. But if I search for 'iron', it doesn't. On Evernote on my Mac, however, both searches find the note. I'm confused. Ian
  5. When I use Evernote on my iPad 'Search' doesn't seem to search inside PDFs that are attached to notes - it only looks in note headings. Please could someone let me know how to make it do this, if it can. Regards Ian
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