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  1. TBH, it's the narrow scrollbars that prevent me from using Evernote more extensively and thus upgrading to professional. Since I often find that I "lose" notes because I accidentally dragged something to another notebook or tag (including Trash) , I can'r really consider using it for anything critical. In fact, although I have tended to be an early adopter of a lot of technologies (building fansites using HTML code back in 1998, on Twitter for years, on Facebook as soon as you could do it without being in college, I find myself migrating back to analog choices as in the last couple of years, Evernote, Google, and others have been favoring making things tiny and low-contrast. Digital solutions are great but not when it's more important to have it look sleek and have lots of white space than to be easy to see and use.Just at the point in my life when I actually have the $ to spend on pro versions of things, I'm buying pens and notebooks and index cards instead, because nobody can force me to write so tiny that I can't see, or decide to make the pages almost impossible to turn. I can't imagine what using these apps must be like for people just a little older than me who are having to get bifocals and those a lot older starting to get arthritis, and I don't want to be reliant on these "design features" when I get there.
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