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  1. The above fix is a "simple solution" & takes about one minute to do (excluding re-download time which is dependent upon the size of your database & connection speed). Renaming files/folders is pretty basic stuff these days. If it's too technical for you, I'd suggest you have someone show you how because it's a tool many people find helpful. At first, it seemed kind of critical for you to make your comment, but when it came down to trying it out, I realized it wasn't as complicated (Owyn's instructions) as they initially sounded to a novice like myself, and your comment was right on target. Yours is what made me try it for myself and find it worked. So, thank you!
  2. Came looking for a solution, didn't understand what this meant at first, then I got it after reading more comments from other users. THANK YOU - worked for me too! I appreciate it!
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