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  1. DB from NC, suggest you disconnect the internet from your home computer (or power off your internet router/modem) before turning on your home PC. This will prevent the Evernote on your PC from syncing and deleting the encrypted notes. Unfortunately Evernote doesn't allow making a copy of the note within the same notebook. The workaround I found was to create another notebook (say, call it Backup) and then right-click on the note with encrypted text, select Copy to Notebook..., select Backup notebook. You can make as many copies as you want to the Backup notebook, the copies will all be dated so you can tell which one is the latest copy. Before re-enabling Internet on your home PC, I suggest you do several note copies to a second notebook. Since I am paranoid, I also decrypted the text and copied it to some text files on my desktop just in case. I don't trust Evernote with encrypted text any longer. I looked at OneNote but it seems way too much function for what I need; I use Evernote like an online simple, text-only notebook (like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac). So I'm looking at KeePass+Dropbox for storing encrypted text, and continuing to use Evernote for unencrypted text. One suggestion to Evernote development is to support encryption only on the whole note, or even a notebook, similar to how OneNote does it. It seems much more simple (easier to code and debug on multi-platforms) and less error-prone (accidentally delete by a misplaced backspace or del keystroke) than Evernote's current encrypted text blocks.
  2. Some more testing: 1. On Evernote Mac 6.0.8, encrypted some text. 2. On Evernote Windows, decrypt the text successfully. Modified the encrypted text. 3. On Evernote Mac, decrypt the modified text. The text disappeared. It looks like Windows Evernote is saving the encrypted text in a format which is incompatible for decrypting on Mac.
  3. My encrypted text was created on Windows Evernote version 4, I think. In any case, I just tested the following: 1) On Evernote 5.85 (latest version) on Windows 7, encrypt a few text. 2) On Evernote 6.0.8 on Mac OS X 10.9.5, decrypt the text and the encrypted text disappears. I tried both options, show encrypted text and decrypt permanently, and both options result in the encrypted text disappearing. I never had this issue with Evernote 4 and 5 on Mac OS X. Only seeing it on Evernote 6.
  4. I just tested this with Evernote Mac 6.0.8 version. The bug still exists. If I decrypt an encrypted text block created on Windows, the encrypted text block disappears. Very, very bad behavior.
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