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  1. Hello. A few days ago next update was out and I still have same error with installer. Is there something I could do to help you with problem localization?
  2. Hello, It working as should, I'm using it also with my osx/ios/android and it's okay. And I've skipped updates for windows for last 4-6 months because they all fails. And earlier time it didn't worked for me - I had to uninstall and install again. I did a run unpacked with updater evernote.msi file manually and update passed well. I don't know why it's not working with updater. I will let you know if I face same problem with the next update.
  3. Hi there, i'm tired to see that annoyin error while trying to update for last year. So I'll try to describe the steps I do clearly riggghht here: 1. Downloading newer version ( 2. Running it (as admin for sure theres no any AV software) 3. Extracting process goes fine 4. Preparation process goes fine 5. BAH suddenly I'm receiving a message like "file is not accessible" and path to c:\temp\ (which is empty and btw my temp folder is on d:\temp, does evernote fails to get system PATH variable for that somewhere in the process HARDCODED<Sigh> maybe?) with open dialog for Evernote.msi. At this moment I can clearly see newly created Evernote.msi on my d:\temp\ but evernote didin't accepts it, I tried, bwah I tried that hardly but with no luck... 6. There is nothing I could do with that (selecting any evernote.msi files doesnt works either) 7. ??? 8. Why It's a challenge to get evernote updated? I'd like to say that I'm a java developer with like above avg. computer skills coming from the years xx80, but I can't see the reason it could fail and I'm tired to see it fails.. I could do update if I totally remove evernote and install it again, but wth. OS : w7x64
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