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  1. @DTLow - Can you explain what you mean when you say it's in the "Helper capture window"?
  2. This is happening on a Mac. Also, just want to be sure I'm clear. I am referring to taking notes by using the icon at the top of the desktop. In the attached screenshot, I entered text first, then took the screenshot. The screenshot went to the top of the note. This has only started happening since I downloaded version 16.3.1 today. Before that, screenshots always appeared at the bottom of the note, or possibly wherever the cursor was.
  3. When using Evernote Helper, I take screenshots a lot and then add my own notes underneath. For some reason, new screenshots are now appearing at the top of the note instead of the bottom, which they always did before. Is there a setting to change this?
  4. Does anyone know how to set default tags when using the web clipper shortcut? When I use Web Clipper, I prefer to right click and save instead of using the button at the top of the Safari browser. However, when I use this shortcut, the default tags that I have set (through the button option) do not get used. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks! Tony
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