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  1. YES! Thanks for letting us know Suadade, I had tried it a month or so ago on an Excel file and still it did not work. Just tried it now and viola!
  2. Gawkeye, I never had this problem with the pc desktop client as I'm still running the legacy version (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). I won't update my desktop version until I get the ok from Stacey Harmon.
  3. Updated 2020.11.25 The latest from EN Support Hello Tony, Thanks for your patience. My name is Agnès, I've reviewed your conversation with Marlo. I'll be helping you the rest of the way. I understand you're encountering an error message when opening an encrypted Excel file from a note in Evernote for iOS. I was able to reproduce the issue the exact same way you've shown it, so I went ahead and filed the issue to the development team. They'll prioritize the issue and work on a fix accordingly. I don't have a date to share for when a fix will be available, but I recommend enabling automatic updates so you get the release as soon as it is available. I can't say they're not responding 😆 -AFJr
  4. Update 2020.11.24: This from Evernote Support Thank you for sending a sample file. I was able to recreate the issue on our test device. I'm transferring this ticket to our technical support team who will continue to assist you. Please know that they are working on your case and will reply after they've had the opportunity to review the information you've provided. So, looks like it’s gonna be a bit more of a wait until this is resolved. AFJr
  5. I received an email from support late last Friday 11/20. They asked for additional information and screenshots which I sent this morning. It's good to hear back at least. I will post an update when I get the next response. -AFJr
  6. Yes, I can open - thankfully - with windows 10 desktop V6.25.1.....as I have not yet upgraded to the latest desktop version as of yet. Not sure when I will at this point. My issue is when I don't have my laptop and I'm only using my iphone and need access to this file and can't open it. I have the same issue on my ipad. I submitted a support ticket but they are overloaded and it could be 10-12 days before they even read my ticket. Thanks for responding gazumped...
  7. I have a password protected excel file stored in a note. Since version 10.1 I cannot open that file from evernote. I get this error:
  8. I have the same issue, using windows 10, latest version of Firefox 77.0 (64 bit). WRN: DB set value error: InvalidStateError A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations. I can't get web clipper to work at all...very frustrating! evernote web clipper log.txt
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