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  1. Hi, Since few days, I keep receiving this message "Unable to launch application 'Preview'" when I try to open a document within a note. It's the same for every document type and regardless of the application I triy to open. I already did the re-indexing, erase (all excpeted the databse) and install...nothing worked. Any idea?
  2. Crashing at launch (and it seems present to a lot of people...) is quite serious...even for a Beta (and not Alpha...) release....
  3. Mac OS iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) High Sierra- Crashing at launch...and can't roll back to 6.13.2 (version too old...). Was it tested before launch...!?
  4. Thanks for your feedback. But this is really not a good idea to not give us the choice..."visual" view on table presentation of my notebooks is much better than this list approach. Even the search option is not useful...because sometime you don't remember the exact name of the noteboook (when you have 100's...) but rather "where" it was ..visually...or the "organisation" you have put in place and not the name...so please keep the option to choose the presentation mode Liste vs Table....
  5. Hello, Am I missing something or the "Notebook view" is back in List mode without the option to change this to the "older" view....!? This is so unpractical...you have to scroll for hours to find your notebooks... Is it a "Mistake" or will you remove the option to change the view..!?
  6. My problem is not with formating but with the fact that I can not "edit" PDF without saving it again in the finder and re-import it in Evernote. I was a HUGE fan of evernote, but the lag of responsiveness in fixing such things start to be disappointing...to say the least..
  7. I was reading some time ago that the problem with Preview annotation would be solved in a coming beta release. However it's not yet solved....any idea when/if it will be solved..!?
  8. Hi, I also have a problem with PDF. When I open attached PDF in Preview and do some changes in the PDF I can't save directly back in Evernote. I need to save it on my HD and re-import it.
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