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  1. Hello: I had the pleasure to use the Mac version of EN today and discovered that my issues with the editor and note links in the Windows version have been solved in the Mac client. It was truly a joy to work in Evernote without having to fight the editor or linking tools. Unfortunately Windows is my primary OS. Specific issues are as follows: Bulleted and Numbered lists break while editing. Sometimes the only fix is to destroy the entire note and start from scratch. In a notebook that uses note links to cross reference, this is catastrophic to workflow. Collecting a Note link from another note changes focus from the note I am working with to the note from which I am collecting a Note link. This behavior is a significant speed bump to idea capture.Both of the above features work flawlessly in the Mac EN client. Unfortunately, looking through this forum, there are threads that date back to 2013 documenting the above Bulleted/Numbered list issues in the Windows client and they are still present in the latest build. In addition, the Mac client also has two more note list views than the Windows client. One of which (side list view) is much better for my workflow. Is there a timeline for the Windows EN client to become on par with the MAC EN client for these features / fixes? Thank you, - Brad
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