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  1. TIL Encryption of note text isn't supported yet in Mac or Windows. Hey Evernote, I just moved all my important notes to Lastpass in response!
  2. Happened again just now. Scanned three docs, tried to save. This time the iOS client crashed too. Lost all my data in the note.
  3. Today I am enjoying this new annoyance: scanning within the iOS app appears to work, and I confirm saving the note, even titling it and it shows synced. Go away for a while, come back to iOS app, the note is empty and back to "Untitled Note". All my scans are lost. I now see "Untitled Note" in all clients including Mac desktop, and I am unable to delete it. Send to trash on any platform, and it just pops back into the same notebook. So my scans are permanently lost and I have phantom notes I can't remove. Lovely.
  4. I just now discovered the gaping AppleScript omission. That is just the last in a litany of holes in this edition, and I didn't choose to upgrade to whatever seeming BETA this thing currently is. I'm 10+ years paid and this thing is bug-riddled and half-assed at best. I've reported probably 50 significant bugs in the "feedback" tool, never hear a thing, and their support tells me to come here. I'm a disgusted paid user who's about to lapse. Don't take the plunge.
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