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  1. On my iMac and mac mini I have the same problem. The solution to remove te software en to reinstall is that the right solution. Two different machines with the same problem is for me a question if reinstall is the right solution.
  2. When I import the document with the tags the tags will stay. Immiditly I turn synchronization off. The tag stay also after som time. When I chose wifi en I activate synchronization then the tags disappear.
  3. Answer on two questions I forget. 1. The tags are already in the tags library, They come in with the document , you can see them. Until synchonisation comes than the tags disappear. While they are in the library 2. The tags exist in my account.
  4. I am using OX X El Captitan on my imac The evernote-version I use is Versie 6.7.1 (453575 App Store) I am very happy that we continue. Is IFFFT perhaps a possibility I treid also Wappwolf, but in wappwolf are no business books facilitated. Wit personal books it works. When I import in evernote I get the book and the tags. The book stays and the tag comes in with a bullit that it is not yes synchronized. When the synchronizing has been done the bullit of synchronizing disappear, because is has been synchronized , but.... The tag disappear at te same tim
  5. Iam not a programmer Your answer is to difficult for me. I am not familiar with those things
  6. tell application "Evernote" activate set newNote to create note from file theFile notebook {"10301 Gezin Fam JC Rosier"} assign tags to newNote("10301", "2016") end tell
  7. I copied your writing and it failed. I am not a programmer but i made a copy of the log of hazel 2016-07-17 20:42:39.705 hazelworker[31860] 10301 test tags Applescript not assigning tags help.pdf: Rule 10301✅verplaats naar evernote 10301 Fam JC Rosier matched. 2016-07-17 20:42:41.010 hazelworker[31860] [Error] AppleScript failed: Error executing AppleScript on file /Users/j.c.rosier/Dropbox/0 Evernote/10301 test tags Applescript not assigning tags help.pdf. 2016-07-17 20:42:41.011 hazelworker[31860] OSAScript error: { NSLocalizedDescription = "Evernote got an err
  8. tell application "Evernote" activate set newNote create note from file theFile notebook {"10301 Gezin Fam JC Rosier"} assign tags to newNote {“10301", "2016"} end tell I changed my apple script but this does nog work. You gave me hope, perhaps is the syntax not right
  9. tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"10301 Gezin Fam JC Rosier"} tags {"10301", "2016"} end tell this script works , but as soon as synchronizing starts the tags disappear
  10. This solution works not for me. is there another solution available
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