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  1. Good points. I was essentially conflating "team" with "a group of Business users." As you pointed out, it would be easy to tell who was part of a team and who wasn't if being on a team meant you were a Business subscriber. I didn't realize one could use Work Chat outside of the Business environment (in my defense, the name Work Chat is somewhat misleading). So far, I've been kind of a one-man-band with Evernote among my immediate circle of contacts, so I've never been able to take advantage of the team features. I always just assumed I would need to be part of a Business crowd for those to work.
  2. I also saw where they addressed this in the latest beta, which is great. But I'm still curious as to why Evernote systems aren't more intelligent when it comes to "group" features. They also touted the Work Chat thing very heavily, and it has a default spot on the top bar. IMO, the system should know I am not part of a team, so I have no one with whom to start a work chat (so stop asking). I also could not upgrade said non-existent team even if I wanted to, because — apart from the obvious — I have no authority over my company's IT department. Granted, these are minor annoyances from a user perspective, but I still don't get trying to sell team features to a one-person team.
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