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  1. That is true. Seems like a paradox or conflicted emotions. But that is THE challenge of building great apps. To add features and continually work to IMPROVE the product, but not end up with a bloated app that is slow to launch, complicated to navigate, etc. I can be frustrated with the app's direction and recent results, while acknowledging that it's not an easy thing. It's not like I think the Product team is stupid or playing Pokemon Go all day. (ok, come on, we know they're playing Pokemon Go) There are plenty of SAAS products out there that are elegant, FAST, and hit the ri
  2. There have been other requests (similarly worded) via other Threads. There are 47 people following this thread and 73 replies. Maybe none of us were smart enough to use the Upvote button LOL. Also, if you google it, you'll see other people asking/complaining about it elsewhere. But I guess since a "guru" doesn't understand it, none of the 3 pages of replies here are valid And yes, they do implement upgrades. It's bloated.
  3. LOL, it's been YEARS. I would be shocked if they were working on this or cared about user-requested features in general. I'm actually using OneDrive from MSFT. I know... it's Microsoft. But they're getting much better lately. You all should try it. It's not bloated (yet) like Evernote has become. I'm never re-upping for EV premium ever again.
  4. Another vote for this feature. I belong to multiple organizations and different coworkers, clients, etc send me shared Evernote files/folders to different email addresses. This was not really an issue prior to Work Chat, but now that Evernote is really developing Work Chat out, it will be a critical feature. Evernote, please add this feature!!!
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