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  1. I also use a MS Surface Pro, have installed Evernote for Windows and found the New Ink Note option. This actually works great! UNTIL I want to view that handwritten note in Evernote on iOS..... It doesn't show the content of my note. I'm really disappointed in this since I feel that I should be able to sync and view al my notes cross platform. I used the Livescribe pen and that worked great for handwritten notes. Please Evernote team, make sure that Ink notes are viewable on all platforms a.s.a.p.
  2. Offline notes would also indeed satisfy my need. A button that makes a note offline available would also be great!
  3. Kind of new here, where is the feedback forum to be found? Are these the OS related forums?
  4. Hi! I think it would be great if it was possible to, in addition to select offline notebooks, also select offline tags. For example: I would create the "Offline available" tag so that I can make certain note's available offline regardless of the notebook they are in. Is this possible?
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