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  1. UPDATE: if I delete the app on my ipad and reinstall it fixes the issue. I don't even have to click the checkbox, I just close it and the note's still there as it should be. Definitely a horrible issue. I'm afraid to keep using it as it's entirely unclear what the hell caused this or if it'll happen again and I'll lose all my work.
  2. I'll usually leave it open, but this has been happening regardless. I've been testing closing/opening and it doesn't save anything, whereas it does on my iphone.
  3. I just created a new post on this as well. I lost a bunch of work yesterday after not being able to find a note and realized creating/editing doesn't even work. Evernote is totally useless on my ipad, of which is my only real device as I just got rid of my mac.
  4. This is very weird. I'm on 10.2 on iphone and ipad (iPadOS 14.2, 12.9" 3rd gen). If I create a note real quick, then close the app (even after clicking the checkbox which hopefully it would save regardless)... on my ipad I open back up and the note is gone. I noticed this after I made a long list earlier in the day, then wasn't able to find it anywhere, not in the trash or all notes. I tested many times creating notes, then moving around a bit then closing and reopining. None save on my ipad. They save fine on my ios. Has anyone else experienced this? This is.. quite bad.
  5. Where the hell is Evernote on this? Have they responded to any of these posts asking for drawing integration?
  6. Just posted asking if evernote will ever add this or if it's on their roadmap. Drawing needs to be integrated for this to be a good user experience. I really hope this gets done sometime! I love marking up docs in notability as well. I will say however I LOVE Flow's UI/gestures.. if only they didn't lock you to a horizontal canvas and allowed you to upload images/docs.
  7. I've been a pretty loytal evernote user for a decade. Most of my thoughts, journaling, planning, writing, etc, go into evernote. But increasingly, I like taking notes and writing on my ipad with the pencil and marking up pdfs etc with Notability (or I may contemplate good notes). If I could start really organizing things, using tags etc, I'd perhaps exclusively move to an app like these, since handwriting/drawing has become such a huge part of my digital life now. The experience on ipad with apple pencil with evernote is mediocre. Drawing a one page "sketch" is a horrible experience if I
  8. Note: I am noticing that this is only happening when I misspell a word, and then delete a letter. So if I type an extra letter at the end, then delete it.. still has the squiggly. BUT if I type a wrong letter and type over it, it removes the red line. It's like the delete key isn't triggering the spellcheck but other keys are.
  9. YES! This is one of those tiny things that is super annoying. It's like a little obnoxious fly that won't leave you alone! Stop distracting my attention with that squiggly red line! I mean, I could turn it off.. but I do actually enjoy the spellcheck. Evernote please fix!
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