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  1. I would hope and expect ctrl+f (find) super intuitive, but I find myself increasingly frustrated with it. I've been an evernote user for many years now. What I would expect is a very helpful an straightforward experience like ctrl+f on chrome for instance (or most other apps). I press the shortcut, instantly I can begin typing, and the find results. If I close the finder, it leaves me right at that place (it's an easy way to drop you at a point in the document). Instead the experience is always inconsistent. Often times the search bar doesn't come up right away, and after pressing ctrl+f, I start typing only moments later to realize I've just started either typing in the document or replacing existing content (and sometimes I don't realize this, and lose things)! Then, if I'm searching for a specific word in the document (as often is the case, and often is the case in chrome) I may use ctrl+f to find it. When I do that, and I want to get rid of the search box, or the highlight, I press esc to find myself totally moved back to another point in the document. Perhaps this latter part is intended but I find it very unhelpful and very confusing and would love to see this match most other apps. The laggy experience and the buggy experience of writing in the doc or replacing content when I expect to be searching, I find very disrupting and frustrating. This also points to general lagginess I've consistently experienced more and more of over the years. Evernote is a great product, and I would hope to see it improve, but I feel let down because basic editing sometimes because unusably slow, and basic features like ctrl+f are almost too disruptive to use.
  2. Note: I am noticing that this is only happening when I misspell a word, and then delete a letter. So if I type an extra letter at the end, then delete it.. still has the squiggly. BUT if I type a wrong letter and type over it, it removes the red line. It's like the delete key isn't triggering the spellcheck but other keys are.
  3. YES! This is one of those tiny things that is super annoying. It's like a little obnoxious fly that won't leave you alone! Stop distracting my attention with that squiggly red line! I mean, I could turn it off.. but I do actually enjoy the spellcheck. Evernote please fix!
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