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  1. You're fully right. After many problems with sharing the wrong image, I finally followed the above suggestions and changed my workflow. I now use Cloudapp for screenshot annotation which proves to be really reactive when annotating and offers a nice spotlight feature... Our team also gives a try to Slite for team documentation... All this reduces the footprint of Evernote on our daily work...
  2. Thanks jheuer. I couldn't say it better than you We seem to have a very similar workflow I work on building an app and supporting our customers along their adoption path which means many screenshots of UI, emails, etc. that need to be caught and dragged into our main work stream (our own work tracking app) to discuss, organize and get related actions completed. Adding context can happen at different steps using annotations and/or commenting, or documenting the action required for example. Direct annotation, right after capture, before and without having to Save to Evernote first,
  3. I have the same issue since about 2-3 weeks : though I'm dragging the correct last fresh (unannotated, not renamed) screenshot and the thumbnail when dragging is correct too, it is the previous unannotated screenshot that is pasted. (it works if the previous screenshot was annotated) This is an issue because there is a high risk to share a wrong screenshot to clients... A workaround as said by jheuer is to think to add an annotation on the last screenshot to get it work... but that's it is time consuming and does not stick to my mind every time...
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