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  1. Nevermind... after messing around with EN for most of the day, I have concluded that it sucks balls. I was excited by all the hype but it's just hype. I would love to articulate my displeasure with the interface but it's not even worth it. Could you possibly try to cram more stuff on a single page. Wow... I'm sorry I wasted my time on here. DELETE.
  2. Hello ! I am new to EN and very excited to get some colleagues invited. I am struggling to find the words. It seems that the "cloud" instantly makes new users think of security problems and privacy issues. A few people have said.."just use dropbox". Evernote seems like what I wanted Dropbox to be. I could never get people onboard with dropbox either. How have you guys gotten users onboard with EN ? I am offering CAD/Drafting services to a small niche of users and I just can't get em to participate. Any suggestions would be great. If any of you have a large, active EN following I would love to see what you're doing. Oh yeah... what's with the Firefox web clipper ? Nobody uses Firefox. Thanks, C Mitchell MPLS,MN
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