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  1. Re-indexing did end up doing the trick for me. I'm not sure how long it took, but I waited several hours, then tested it by issuing a query in the Desktop app, observing the count of matches, then doing the same from Evernote on the web. Who knows what's really going on under the hood. I can only assume that the more notes you have, the longer the process will take and that (maybe?) some network communication takes place between your computer and Evernote's servers in the cloud. I suppose that might introduce some overhead as well. Hope this helps.
  2. Ah. The trick was holding down the option key. Wonder why they keep it 'hidden' (??). I've kicked off a reindex. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Hi. I'm using the Evernote for Mac app (Not downloaded from App store, but from the EN site itself). The version is 7.14. My search no longer works. For example: Searching for the work 'gift' to find my 'Holiday Gift Ideas' note, returns a note with a .pdf document containing an Appraisal I recently had done on my home. ...That's it. Maybe it contains the word 'gift' but it's certainly not the only note out of my thousands that does. Search works fine on the web: A query for 'gift' returns 66 results. Rebooting didn't help. Reinstalling didn't help. I did a bit of Googling
  4. @MarcusC wins! I followed the steps he outlined and I can now use the code block feature in evernote for Mac.
  5. Hmm. Not for me. It doesn't do anything. To clarify: When you say the "code block formatting tool" are you talking about that under "Highlight Text > Right Click > Format > Code Block", or some other menu item (like an icon) ? Like I said, it works fine for me when I use evernote on the web, but not in evernote for Mac v6.7.1.
  6. Hi all - I primarily use Evernote for Mac (v6.7.1) and have noticed that there is a code block item under: Highlight Text > Right Click > Format > Code Block. It doesn't seem to do anything though, which makes me sad. I understand that code block formatting was introduced into Evernote web recently and it works great there.. I just tend to use the app more. Does this menu item in the Mac app actually do anything? Am I missing something obvious to be able to format code? AR
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