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  1. Between Beta 3 and Beta 4, the minimum allowed window size when having a note open in a separate window increased again. Is this intended? If so, is there a technical reason for this? As it was in Beta 3, the note window didn't take up "too much" unnecessary screen space when opening it next to a browser or pdf for note taking while reading, but as of Beta 4 we are restricted by a too large minimum window size again (e.g. almost twice as large as for Apple Notes). Also could you please add "Open Note in Separate Window" to the "Note" menu (so that it's possible to create a shortcut for that)?
  2. I also stopped using Evernote for this stupid reason! One would have thought that one of the primary uses of a note taking application was to take notes while reading something else... The huge minimum window/note size limit makes this practically impossible without going crazy.
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