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  1. I believe that this is a problem when using this app ------ best to use something that at least warns you when information is about to be deleted. It's not like this would be a difficult feature to add to the program. Too bad. It should be know that this is a defective app and advertised as such so that more people do not lose their information. The updates had claimed that they fixed this problem, but it is not so! May the user beware.
  2. It is very easy to delete notes accidentally with this program. If you have the basic program, you cannot recover your data and it can be lost completely in the free version of the app. When you delete the password entry for the encrypted note, the note is completely deleted without any warning or ability to recover it. This is a serious design flaw that has not yet been resolved. This is extremely disappointing and should be seriously considered if you are going to use this program for storage of information that you feel will be secure.
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