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  1. I don't know why and how, but after creating test note on line it was perfectly shared and monthly allowance restored. Obviously, I've eaten it. Now I have 19 days left in cycle so we'll see if it returns to work normally. I'd prefer to solve any problem before adding new variables (premium). Thank you again.
  2. OK, now I have a very promising "22 days left in cycle" but with the same "60 MB out of 60 MB (100%)" over it. The last updated note is always beginning of February. What else could be done? In any case, thank you gazumped for your attempt to help me.
  3. Hi. My Upload Allowance shows "0 days left in cycle" for more than one month. Last updated note is of 11.02.15... What am I doing wrong? (OK, I do not have premium account. What else?)
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