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  1. prairyk

    Safari Clipper and Content Security Policy (CSP) issue

    Thanks, Thaddeus. I don't sign in with Google as I don't trust it. I even changed to DuckDuckGo for a search engine. I'm running early-2010 MacBook Pro with OS X 10.9.5; Safari 9.1; and I too dump my Safari Preferences (cookies) after each session. (sometimes empty cache). I've found lately that Clipper is working better, but still hangs occasionally. I do have to sign in with each new session, but I've learned to be patient with that. I want to upgrade to Yosemite, but I'm reluctant. My machine is still very slow and I fear it getting worse—would have to upgrade Safari also.
  2. Using Safari on a Macbook Pro and having the same problem—new since, as another post noted, the new year. I've also noticed the requirement for login is associated now with Google. Why Google? And why the new requirement when it worked fine before....
  3. I just want to say that apparently Evernote has fixed the problem. I did not use Onyx or anything else. I followed the instructions provided here on the forum: uninstall Clipper from Safari, download new version, restart Safari. It has worked for 2 weeks without fail and I use it several times a day.
  4. I've had the same problem—except I'm still working with Mavericks 10.9.5 so I can't blame the system. Basically Evernote started limping some time ago, showing all the problems outlined in other posts here. It reached a point of no return this week—nothing happening. I was ready to submit a ticket, after going through the process suggested here: uninstall Clipper from Safari, download new version, restart Safari. The elephant icon was totally missing then from the toolbar! I restarted my Mac and of course Safari, but still nothing there. So I did it all again just before submitting the ticket—and lo and behold! There was the good ol' elephant. I tried it on this page and it worked. I don't know for how long, though, as it may still be buggy, but I'm hoping Evernote has really fixed the problem. I, like others, use it several times a day and I'm lost without it.
  5. prairyk

    Safari Clipper and Content Security Policy (CSP) issue

    Thanks, Dees. This work-around is the only one that worked for me on my MacBook Pro. And thank goodness. I just upped my subscription to Premium because I knew I'd be doing a lot of genealogy research in the next month and this was really bumming me out! I've found the problem increasing daily until today it was every single time I tried to use Web Clipper.