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  1. I can say what my dislike of the Swipes app Integration is: In addition to taking quite awhile for a note to sync from Evernote to Swipes in certain cases (like tagging old notes, it took me over 24 hours for them to show up), the biggest issue is delaying reminders in Swipes doesn't sync back to Evernote, leading to desynced task lists where Evernote says the task is still due today and Swipes says it's due Tomorrow, which makes the whole thing useless. Seems like something they could have figured out in half a year.
  2. When first clicking the web clipper, before selecting to save the note, show the related notes on the bottom of the clipper. Currently, it only shows after you save. Showing the related notes before saving actually makes this feature useful, since you can see if you've already created a note about that clipping, or if you would rather open a related note and add the clipping to that directly instead of creating a new note.
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