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  1. Thanks - Ill open a support ticket. I think the reason it is syncing is because its detected a change in the note which is obviously the file/image no longer being there. Thanks for your help - its much appreciated. Kyle
  2. Hi Thanks for your quick response. Best way i can describe it when using my keypad to scroll down through notes, each note it lands on it selects and the detail appears in the right hand window as i move to the next note the contents of the previous note disappear (except any text). To confirm i am note 'opening a note' i.e i am not double clicking on a note to open a new window, this is all done within the note browser. Does this help? Thanks, Kyle
  3. Hi, I am hoping you can help. Currently when selecting notes after moving to a new note the contents of the previous note disappear. Text remains but any images or documents or attachments just disappear out of the note. Evernote auto syncs this across all my devices and i can't get them back. I can use the note history feature to access the files again but they just delete again after selecting the note. I am running the latest MacOS and Evernote 6.9. All help much appreciated. Many Thanks, Kyle
  4. On the first, open the note in a new window and see if that allows you to rename. The context menu in the current beta is messed up and often doesn't load properly if the note is only in the main EN window. I too have experienced the second. I get a white page instead of the page contents. Thank you or the workaround for number 1. My revised workflow was much longer than just doing that. Much appreciated.
  5. Note sure if both of these issues have been posted already. Sorry if they have. - Unable to rename PDF from Evernote - This is a key feature for me as i scan lots of documents into Evernote with sequential names and i use Evernote to organise them and change their names. - Viewing PDFs and other documents such as MS Office documents often doesn't show the note preview inline like it used to do or take a very long time to load. Again apologies if these are already mentioned. The rename PDF issue has been a problem for me since the first beta of 6.2, I thought a solution would be implemented by beta 2. Thanks, Kyle
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