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  1. Dear Evernote, what's the matter? Are you sad? We know it's been hard for you.. but you hired a new CEO, you set a new vision, you raised prices, and we're still (mostly) all here. Your loyal supporters. We don't ask much, but a simple dark mode is something one or two people may have mentioned over the many years past. We know – you were busy with Evernote Food. Thank you. Then you changed the look of notebooks, made them more realistic looking. Then you changed them back again. Then you changed them to grey. Thank you for that. Then you just got rid of those pesky notebook icons. Then you did some other stuff I can't even remember, but I'm sure it was lots of work. Then you brought out a big update which allowed as to change the side bar to a dark color - YES! This was very close Evernote! Us, the people, asked for dark, and you listened. Thank you! Now we humbly come to you again and ask that perhaps you could take it just one step further... It's now the year of our lord 2018 and we were just wondering if perhaps someone who works at the Evernote headquarters could put in an extra hour or two this week and change those pale areas to glorious dark shades of black and grey. Please make this kind soul employee of the month. Thank you.
  2. Thanks - this eventually worked. Just seems so strange to me that there isn't a more intuitive and practical way - Especially since background app refresh has been around for years now.
  3. I'm having the same problem. Ive been a premium user for years and have thousands of notes. I just got a new phone and would like all my offline notebooks downloaded. However, not having background app refresh makes it impossible to sync several gigs of data - I've been trying for days. Dear Evernote: Are you telling me that the ONLY way for me to download my offline notebooks (the KEY premium feature) on my phone is to leave the app open and prevent my phone from locking for multiple days (can't even turn the screen off) ?? (I'm on the latest version using an iPhone 6s. I'll start a new thread if necessary.)
  4. Same problem with typing lag on iOs for iPhone and iPad. At this point I'm not sure what's worse, the typing lag on iOs or on Mac Yosemeti.
  5. Same problem for MONTHS now, can't believe there's still no fix for something as simple as TYPING (!!) Been a premium user for 2 years+ with thousands of notes. I love Evernote and have turned countless people on to it so this is very disappointing. I re-installed everything a month ago – FRESH install of Yosemite, FRESH install of Evernote. I keep updating to the latest version but still the same problem persists: When you're trying to type it keeps lagging. PLEASE guys, stop ALL new feature development until you have this fixed. The CORE of Evernote is to MAKE NOTES. If we can't do this then it doesn't matter how many fancy features the program has.
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