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  1. I will defenitely stick with EN, because ON is no option for me. Tried it out for several times: no reminders, tagging is a nightmare. ON has it's qualities, no question, but not my cup of tea...
  2. Hi Frank! Great, thank you. I also use your Evernote Black Color scheme, which is great too!!! Thanks for the nice work!!! Cheers, Peter
  3. Not yet,but I certainly will. Thank you so much, I really like it ??
  4. Hi Frank! Just stumbled accross your theme and downloaded it: Thanks, you did a great job, my eyes like them :-)!!! Cheers, Peter
  5. Thanks! Makes sense! We understand that everyone has a different way of organizing an accessing. There are All Notes people, Notebook people, and of course our Tags people. Sometimes, folks are use a little bit of everything to access different content. Thank you for the feedback. We'll take this into consideration moving forward. - Nancy Thank you very much Nancy!!!
  6. Hi Nancy! Sorry for the confuse. What I meant is this: I know, that nested tags can be viewed and that's really great. The only thing is, I would like to have them on the left side permanently (if that is possible). As it is now, you can show them, but as soon as you klick into another EN field - all the TAGs are vanishing from the left side. So I if I will have them back again I always have to klick on the TAG-button. For my workflow it would be nice, to see them always in the left window (as it was in the original EN-version). Thank you Peter
  7. Is there a function in the web-beta which allows to show the nested tags permanently. For my workflow this would be a great help
  8. Hi simples! When I stumbled accross this fine article here: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/02/12/one-app-to-rule-them-all-30-ways-to-use-evernote-to-improve-your-life/ I was so convinced, that I had to install EN immediately. After using EN a while, I couldn't understand all the hype about EN, because of the fact, that I only used the basic functions of it. All this changed immediately, when I started to read some articles (yes here in this very fine forum ) about EN and GTD (Getting Things Done). Since that time, I began to understand the full potential behind EN. There are many interesting articles about EN on the web and here of course. Try using the webclipper, which is another fine tool. I'm sure EN wil grow on you - good luck!!!
  9. Thanks for the Sunrise Calendar recommendation - I just installed it and it works like a breeze . I used to use Pocket Informant, which is another great calendar-app (but not free), unfortunately it stopped working with my "old" iphone 4s.
  10. When I started with TSW and other GTD-systems I always ran into the problem after a while, that I couldn't exactly remember how to tag all those emails & notes correctly, because of the tons of tags I created before . I wanted to make sure, that everything could be found easily later on (I completely had forgotten the powerful searchfunctions provided by EN). As an example: I got an inquiry by e-mail, which I had to answer a couple of days later. So I tagged that email with: @Work, @Email & @Computer. At the end I called the client on the phone. So the next time I received e-mail-inquiries I additionally tagged them with @Phone... I think you get the picture, where this leads to... So my advice is, to keep it ASAP - as SIMPLE as possible. I still use a couple of tags & nested tags, because they provide me with the overview, I need for my daily business, but I have reduced them drastically. Nowadays I use a system-setup which I call "Best of all GTD-Worlds". It contains a bit of TSW, GTD and Ruud Heins setup. The choice is yours... Good luck!
  11. I totally agree with Lyndas posting here: imho the decision to charge for ALL emails so *SUDDENLY* is not a good one. However EN (for me) is worth every penny and I really enjoyed the time using it for free. I also gave ON a try, but it didn't fit my needs (I had some problems with lost e-mails sent to it). For me a clear decision to upgrade - I have wasted a lot more money on useless apps in the past
  12. I just had a look into the betaversion - very impressive so far - a little bit minimalistic but it looks great. However I switched back to the previous version again, because I'm missing the nested tags too. I usually do create them in the webclient - as I can't do so on my iphone
  13. I would love to have that choice too! Please consider that...
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