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  1. I will defenitely stick with EN, because ON is no option for me. Tried it out for several times: no reminders, tagging is a nightmare. ON has it's qualities, no question, but not my cup of tea...
  2. Thanks! Makes sense! We understand that everyone has a different way of organizing an accessing. There are All Notes people, Notebook people, and of course our Tags people. Sometimes, folks are use a little bit of everything to access different content. Thank you for the feedback. We'll take this into consideration moving forward. - Nancy Thank you very much Nancy!!!
  3. Hi Nancy! Sorry for the confuse. What I meant is this: I know, that nested tags can be viewed and that's really great. The only thing is, I would like to have them on the left side permanently (if that is possible). As it is now, you can show them, but as soon as you klick into another EN field - all the TAGs are vanishing from the left side. So I if I will have them back again I always have to klick on the TAG-button. For my workflow it would be nice, to see them always in the left window (as it was in the original EN-version). Thank you Peter
  4. Is there a function in the web-beta which allows to show the nested tags permanently. For my workflow this would be a great help
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