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  1. ok, in that case should I post elsewhere/edit this post?
  2. I'm trying to use UTF emoji (like ✌ ? ❤︎ ⚠️) for quick visual search in my notes list. Tags can be assigned color, but the color of tag isn't shown (in tag column) when I see my note in notes list, I would like that to be fixed.
  3. With all due respect to developers and evernote but this beta release is of the worst quality I can remember (and I have used evernote for many years). Maybe windows app priority is very low, maybe your testing scenarios are very limited, I don't know. I'm on beta channel and I was OK to stand bugs cause I thought it's matters of couple of week, but now it's GA and I still see almost all of them: I have special note where I keep all passwords to sites, of course it's encrypted, of course it's a table. (I don't want use special password keeping software, it's intentional). And now my workflow for using this password keeping note is totally screwed: visually changed table (as noted in several previous messages).can't search inside encrypted notecan't insert newline inside cell (table immediately became broken)copying is broken - if I'm selecting whole cell content, copy it, when I'm pasting it's inserting newline before and after content
  4. in beta stopped working feature that I was using very often: "paste as text" via Ctrl+Shift+V - now it doesn't remove formatting and style. please fix
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