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  1. Most of us have lives outside trying to get Evernote to be responsive to customer needs, so it's not always possible to spend our time continuing to plead on these fora.
  2. Good day, Since my last update (looks like I'm at Version 7.5 (457109 Direct) Editor: 53.2.6641 (8d08b35)) I have a huge SHARE button, which I don't really need, on the top right corner of my notes, but I have to dig around in a new drop down menu to set a Reminder - something I need to do ALL THE TIME. Can you either restore the Reminder menu to the top, or enable the ability to customise that part of notes to show what we actually care about and relegate the rest to the drop down menu? Thanks.
  3. Thank YOU for having the courtesy to let us know even if they did not!!
  4. Add me in. Evernote: is ANYONE bothering to do something about this? Although it's new to me, I see this strong runs to A YEAR.
  5. Are there any other ways to increase the visibility of this suggestion? We can't vote for it 100 times, alas. Also, is there any way to get feedback on how this suggestion is doing? (Other than, hopefully, seeing it come to life one day?) Thanks.
  6. Thank you DTLow, I don't know if my Evernote just updated, or if I had some glitch, but though I still had trouble with this last week, and though my version is the same as the link today, when I tried pasting fully formatted text after reading your note and checking the version, IT NOW PASTES WITH MY FORMATTING INTACT!!!! I am thrilled. Thanks to whoever in Evernote got this resolved! Now to hope it stays....
  7. I, on the other hand, think it is VERY MUCH my business as a customer whether Evernote addresses our constantly repeated concerns. While it's certainly my choice to use EN or not, I'd like to think that EN might have some interest in retaining customers.
  8. The full uninstall/reinstall of both suggested by CIA85044 fixed it for me! And, I saw this in another forum:
  9. I'm going to try the EN AND Clipper solution. But honestly, if this does not resolve the problem for all of us, I think it's time for Evernote to start issuing refunds on our paid accounts. Prorate for every day this isn't resolve, that is fine with me. I've been in these forums for months, counting the first time this occurred and this so far unresolvable second epidemic, I've submitted the help request and not even heard back on it, and, like ofchaos I'm having to revise my workflows because web clipper is an integral part of Evernote's usefulness for me. This is NOT the return on investment
  10. As now paying customers, I think it's more than showing some love - this is a reasonable request regarding a product failure that lessens the value of my purchase - and I no longer have three devices to worry about, so whether or not I keep paying for the upgrade is really dependent on the utility of the product.
  11. Nope, because I'm paid, and still have it. Has everyone done the request described at ? I wasn't able when it was first posted, but I will now, and I assume the more they get the more they'll get on it. Process should be pretty similar whether Mac or PC, I'd assume.
  12. This won't really help anyone, because I don't know WHY it happened, but the day after I added my post here the problem spontaneously stopped. I did all the same things I had tried before, but for what it is worth: uninstall and reinstall Clipper, check all your permissions on Safari, close and open everything ... Hoping it lasts, and that it spreads to everyone else on here.
  13. This issue just started for me, perhaps a week ago, maybe 10 days. At first it would happen occasionally, though FAR too frequently. Now it can happen several times in a day. Macbook Pro, using Safari 9.1.3 (9537.86.7.8) Is there really no update since 9 December? Now that I'm paying for the luxury of Evernote I'm even more desirous of having it all work well (and I consider clipper to be just a necessary service of EN.) Thanks!
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