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  1. I know this is a user supported forum. Where else can I vent my frustration? I'm fed up of reporting issues to EN, only to receive the usual reply: "send us your log, how did it happen, bla, bla...", when the problem has already been reported by many other users, and has been around for some time - just like on this ocasion. On several ocasions, the "support" I was receiving was in the lines of "try this, have you tried that?"... a complete waste of time. I've been using EN now for 5 years and I have encountered several important issues with the app that just take ages to be corrected. I have the feeling that we users are being used as beta testers. Of all the apps I have on my phone, EN beats them all when it comes to serious bugs and the time that is required for them to be corrected. The least EN could do would be to email all customers informing of the problem, and releasing an update to the next version which would simply be a copy of the last version that was working correctly. I think we would all be quite happy with this workaround while they fix the problem, and we could continue working without wasting time on DIY forums. These forums should be for learning how to use the app from others' experience, not trying to find a fix to EN's bugs.
  2. I made the mistake of installing 8.9.1 instead of 8.8.1 as LuizSiqueiraNeto advised, but I discovered that it is also working fine. Clearly the problem starts with 8.10. BTW, as payed users of EN, I find it amazing that the only help we are getting to overcome this issue is from ourselves. It seems that the EN developers have gone into a coma. There is absolutely NO help coming from them. I'm deeply disappointed - once again.
  3. Just done this. Back to normal (fast) note access again. I've also blocked updating. Thanks for the advice. P.S. I've also bookmarked the URL to the page: https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/. This is the third serious problem I've had with Evernote, and for which I've had to go back to a previous version.
  4. All my notebooks are configured as "available offline". And I have this problem with all my notes. It's been over 2 weeks since this issue started, ad still no solution from EN. It's clearly time to uninstall updates as asan has just suggested: " My workaround was to simply un-install all updates, which left me at version 7.9.9. This (so far) seems to work well. "
  5. Same problem here. It's taking between 4-8 seconds to open a short, simple text note. It was instantaneous before 8.10. I'm using a Samsung S7 Edge running on Android 8.0.0. Very frustrating. I use EN as a tool, not a toy. Highly disappointed with the way EN churns out "new versions", seemingly with very little testing. I have the feeling they've given up on testing and simply launch beta versions for the users to debug.
  6. I have exactly this problem. I can update an Excel attachment on my PC, but when I try to do the same thing on my Android phone, a message is displayed that says the file is "Read only". An alternative that works is to copy the modified file to a new file, but then I have to import the new file back into Evernote. This is too messy and time-consuming. I've checked permissions on my phone for Excel and Evernote and left all permissions activated. I've also noticed that when I use Excel directly, i.e. not as an EN attachment, it works fine. Files can be modified and rewritten without any problems. This is not a recent issue, as I've been encountering it for at least 2 years, and on 2 different phones (Samsung S4 and Samsung S7 Edge). All this time I've had to update Excel attachments via my PC, but it's turning into a serious limitation when I can only access my phone. Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe there's something I've overlooked somewhere?
  7. gazumped, thanks for the advice. I had already changed the Automatic Updates option to NO. I've wasted far too much time trying to fix a problem that I was convinced was caused by an incorrect installation, or inadequeate firewall/antivirus/antibanner/cookies... settings - only to discover that loads of other users have repeatedly reported the same problem over the last 2 months. My perception is that Evernote is not doing a good job about fixing it - maybe nothing at all. I've now got it working again (no thanks to Evernote support), so I don't need any more useless updates to ***** things up again. I've had several other issues over the last 12-15 months with Evernotes updates that have only caused problems, and for which I've wasted a lot of time. What's the use of paying (Premium member) for a service that is frequently running deficiently? If they don't pull their act together soon, I'll be looking for an alternative.
  8. *** SOLVED *** In view of the lack of support from Evernote, I tried looking for alternative help. I just found a solution on the Reviews for Evernote Web Clipper page. My Web Clipper is now working again!!! Thanks to Drifus: ________________________________________________________________________________ Here is what I have done to resolve the issue of the Red dot. Rated 4 out of 5 stars by Drifus on January 18, 2017 · permalink · translate I tried the latest web clipper 6.10 with FF 50.1.0 and the latest version of Windows 10. Like many had issues, so I decided to go back to an older version. Here is the version that is working for me. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/versions/?page=1#version-6.2.0 ________________________________________________________________________________ I'm now wondering about the utility of Evernote "support". They didn't suggest this possibility.
  9. Does anybody know if Evernote is going to fix this? It's really irritating and interrupts the agility of usage.
  10. Does anybody know if Evernote is going to fix this? It's really irritating and interrupts the agility of usage.
  11. It seems Evernote is going backwards: I’m losing more and more functionalities. Losing the “all tags” view creates a huge problem for me. My tag system cannot be managed well with the new useless view. The way the shortcuts appear now is ridiculous. I can no longer see all my shortcuts at a glance, while my search bar is unnecessarily long, i.e. wasted space on one line versus lack of space on the other line. Why this senseless change? This didn’t happen before version 6. I’m using Outlook 2007 and have no plans to spend more money on Microsoft. Sending emails to myself “@m.evernote.com” is not a viable solution. I frequently select parts of emails to be sent to Evernote. I can’t understand why Evernote did not warn of all this loss of functionality. If I had known, I would never have updated version 6. I've wasted a lot of valuable time reinstalling and reconfiguring the application because I was convinced there was some problem in my installation. I’m angry and frustrated that Evernote has done such a crappy job by creating a very messy version that makes it difficult to manage my notes now. I've managed to get back to my previous version (5.9.x), and will stop any further updating. Very unprofessional.
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