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  1. Perfectly expressed. I fully agree with you. Going over the complaints here, it's easy to see that virtually all of us have the same complaints. EN have lost their bearings. FYI, I'm making a gradual move to Joplin. It's very similar to EN. It's free, and you use one of the cloud services you already have. The import worked flawlessly for me, over 3200 notes. No notes have been lost, and so far, it seems no information has been lost in any of the notes I've seen. I'm still furiious about the time I've wasted because of EN's ill-branded "upgrade". Evernote is DEAD.
  2. After trying out several options, I found that the most similar alternative is Joplin. It imported my +3400 notes seamlessly from EN's .enex file export. It is virtually identical in functionality to EN.
  3. This is their way of improving it! Knock out all the features the customers love. They've decided we don't know what we need. They know better!
  4. I haven't seen any replies myself. It seems like they don't care. BTW , I've found a free note application that imports flawlessly from Evernote's .enex file (the export format). It's called Joplin. The good thing is that your data can be hosted on different cloud services. At also has the look and feel of Evernote. I'm trying it out now with my DropBox.
  5. After reverting to legacy version, did you disactive the "autoupdate" option? (click on: Tools > Options > General > Automatically check for updates).
  6. I am encountering the same problem as you this morning. This is another problem from Evernote's side. Don't waste your time reconfiguring, reinstallling or anything else, even if the Evernote so-called "support" tells you to. I've been through this in the past. After wasting away hours of work, I would find I was back at square one with exactly the same problem. They are good at making users waste their time by running around in circles, but hopeless at fixing things. To solve your worry about losing your images, I would recommend you go back into the note and download them into a folder on your desktop or device. This way you can be sure you won't lose them, whatever happens with the sync problem.
  7. That's the beauty of the new version! You spend well over half an hour trying to find out where they've hidden one of the features you regularly use, only to discover that it no longer exists. Welcome to the party! You now have two options: a. You stay with EN, in the vain hope they will try to fix the mess they've created (which I very much doubt). And in the meantime, you downgrade to the previous version (mentioned in previous posts). b. If you're fed up of all the problems that EN has created in these last 2-3 years, then it's time to migrate to another platform, which many of us are now researching.
  8. Two years waiting for the shiny, new, ultrasonic, super-duper, rebuilt-from-scratch EN, and we get this. Absolutely amazing. Maybe the competition had infiltrated some of their own designers to kill this product? This is truly a case study. It'll probably be the basis for an upcoming book: "How to kill your product - for dummies". BTW, in view of the enormous tsunami of complaints that EN is getting all over the internet, I'm surprised that the CEO is not facing the music and making an announcement of any sorts. Maybe he's too busy looking for a new job?
  9. I've received some excellent references from a couiple of friends about "Nimbus Notes". There's an "Evernote import" option, that I've been told works seamlessly. I'm checking it out right now: tags, multilevel folders; Android, Windows and web versions; web clipper, offline content, etc... And half the price! It looks like a good replacement so far. I'll be doing some testing over the weekend. I've already wasted a lot of time trying to configure/personalise Evernotes "upgrade", and then downgrading after discovering the mess they've mad of this so-called "upgrade". I'm now trying to catch up with my schedule. Evernote for me is now dead. Over the years, I've had to reinstall it 3 times. Over a dozen hang ups when synchronising, database corrupted on 4 ocasions, stopped working on several ocasions, and the best of all, their support has been absolutely hopeless: they've never solved anything for me - just a complete waste of time, trying to make me run around in circles. So much for the "special support" for "Premium" users.
  10. I just can't understand why Evernote has been messed up in the latest version (10). It was working fine for me, several features I was using regularly have now disappeared, the interface is hardly configurable any more. "Local files" is no longer supported. No more sorting by ANY of the columns, etc... This ridiculous "upgrade" has caught me in the midst of an important project, causing me difficulties to find my notes. I'm furious about the amount of time I've wasted trying to understand and configure the new version, only to discover that it was hopeless, and then to find an earlier "normal" version, and to install it and then reconfigure again. I think they've lost track of what it means to have a steady, stable and reliable tool that can be accessed quickly and intuitively. Have they hired a team of game makers to replace professional application designers? They're converting Evernote into a useless toy. Is this finally the rise and definitive fall of Evernote? P.S. I couldn't find previous versions on the Evernote site, but I found this other site, where I downloaded vn., checked it for virus with my Kaspersky (it was clean), installed it, and unclicked automatic updating in "options".
  11. I know this is a user supported forum. Where else can I vent my frustration? I'm fed up of reporting issues to EN, only to receive the usual reply: "send us your log, how did it happen, bla, bla...", when the problem has already been reported by many other users, and has been around for some time - just like on this ocasion. On several ocasions, the "support" I was receiving was in the lines of "try this, have you tried that?"... a complete waste of time. I've been using EN now for 5 years and I have encountered several important issues with the app that just take ages to be corrected. I have the feeling that we users are being used as beta testers. Of all the apps I have on my phone, EN beats them all when it comes to serious bugs and the time that is required for them to be corrected. The least EN could do would be to email all customers informing of the problem, and releasing an update to the next version which would simply be a copy of the last version that was working correctly. I think we would all be quite happy with this workaround while they fix the problem, and we could continue working without wasting time on DIY forums. These forums should be for learning how to use the app from others' experience, not trying to find a fix to EN's bugs.
  12. I made the mistake of installing 8.9.1 instead of 8.8.1 as LuizSiqueiraNeto advised, but I discovered that it is also working fine. Clearly the problem starts with 8.10. BTW, as payed users of EN, I find it amazing that the only help we are getting to overcome this issue is from ourselves. It seems that the EN developers have gone into a coma. There is absolutely NO help coming from them. I'm deeply disappointed - once again.
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