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  1. Pete. Thank you for your brutally honest reply here. In fact, I used it almost verbatum to tell my boss, once again, why I couldn't just *zoop* send that thing to the printer with page breaks, and why EN hadn't got them yet.
  2. I understand, and sympathize with, Evernote's "paper-free" free ethos. However, I'm not sure that the Real World has advanced to this point and so some of us still have to print stuff out sometimes. Maybe make it a premium feature? I'll pay a bit more than I already do to be able to page-break and page-number!
  3. Haloooo, Evernote! Yes, needing that pagebreak capability! And a bit peeved I've had to go through first the aggravating "help" then come here, just to find out there is not such thing.
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