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  1. Thanks for an answer. I've downgraded app to 5.7.0 and it started working. Then i've checked also 5.7.2 and it was working too. But i've also wanted to check 6.0.7 cause of the new design of an app. And it stopped working on 6.0.7 I can record a video of that bug if you want! Cheers for help!
  2. Hey, I've recently found out that my backspace-delete key isn't working the usual way that i have been using it since always. When i'm editing text note it doesn't go back to line above? Example i'm using numbering or checkboxes to enumerate some tasks to do and when i use return key to go to another line i can't go back with delete key? I've always have been using this button. Why is that? Mac Yosemite 10.10, Evernote 6.0.8
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