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  1. Hi Everyone, I would first like to say that I love Evernote. Everything about it has been super helpful for my life, my work and my family. I am totally paperless and Evernote has allowed me to clear my head and focus. I would also like to say that I am currently a beta tester for all things Evernote, including Mac, Windows, iOS and Scannable. Lately, I have been reading plenty of articles talking about how Evernote is going down the tubes and is a horrible experience. (http://chambersdaily.com/bradleychambers/2015/10/18/learning-to-leave-evernote) People are leaving Evernote for services like OneNote and Apple Notes. With everybody talking bad about Evernote and all of the recent changes within the company structure (new CEO & a ton of layoffs) I have been worrying about the future of my Evernote and my lifestyle therefore I have been trying out all of Evernote's competitors just in case we hear one day soon that the service will be shutting down. I understand from a lot of the outward facing people at Evernote that they are hard at work re-building a lot of the infrastructure and trying to focus the product. I would really like some sort of sign that the company and my life's workflow won't suddenly end in the future. What are your thoughts? Are we all in the same boat? Thanks Nick
  2. How does Apple's new Notes App compare to Evernote?
  3. Seems like there has been a lot of work done with Evernote/Scannable and I would really like for them to get Skitch for iOS working as well. Skitch is the perfect application to use with the new Safari Extensions and the current version is garbage now because it does nothing useful once snapped and marked up. I can save it to my camera roll (and then create a note in Evernote and attach the photo then go back and delete it from my camera roll) or export it and the app crashes and nothing happens... Evernote, please get the extension working to perfection and maybe even a 3D touch quick action as well. We should be able to annotate on the screen whenever and wherever. Please don't forget Skitch!
  4. I agree with everything you guys are saying but would like to add that Chris mentioned they were announcing major changes and I don't know how else they would announce those changes (blog?) Also, the conference in past years has not been a "party" and waste of investment. The purpose of it was to bring intelligent people together who made Evernote better by being creative and integrating external services and ideas with the Evernote engine. I disagree with the fact it would look bad for the company if they have one. If anything, not having one shows weakness and a total mindset change. I know they hired Chris to bring them public and a conference is the most public thing Evernote has ever done. Idk... there might just be too much going on right now. Maybe they will reschedule.
  5. So last year's conference was October 2-3 2014...basically this week a year ago. Has there been a change in plans now that Chris O'Neill is running the show? I can't imagine they would stop this event from happening annually? Thoughts? Rumors? Facts? Crossing my fingers they just haven't announced it yet.
  6. Open Mac App on el Capitan and the app freezes for a second...starts to Sync...Sync extremely slowly and consistently continues to "sync" even though everything is synced already and I can never use the app because it is stuck in this repetitive frozen state.
  7. Have you guys seen the new Lists feature on Microsoft OneNote!? It is amazing and the ONLY good thing about it. Evernote's lists should be this! I hope someone reads this and makes lists better! Please
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