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  1. I have several notes that have a snippet in the upper right corner with an up arrow, and these notes will not sync to my computer. I've opened them and re-saved them, and even tried tagging them or moving them to other notebooks, but no luck. What does the arrow mean, and how can I close the note on my mobile and get it to sync?
  2. Android, Note 3. I can choose the device camera over multi shot, but neither choice is as good as the original camera feature from Evernote.
  3. I use the camera on my phone extensively for taking pictures within my notes. The quality of the photos and the ease of use made it possible for me to stop carrying my digital camera all the time. This has enabled me to use Evernote exclusively for organization both at work and at home. However, the most recent update has changed this. The camera features have changed, the zoom bar is gone, and the camera struggles to focus as quickly as I need it to. Is there a way to change the camera features back? If not, I cannot see myself continuing to use Evernote, as I would also have to carry a camera, and then try to incorporate the pictures from that into my notes.
  4. I use the camera extensively in my notes for work, and the quality of pictures and ease of use was awesome. I take a lot of photos of employees as they work for a company newsletter, and I was able to use my phone exclusively for this and it allowed me to stop carrying a digital camera with me at all times. After the most recent update, the camera features have changed, and it is not as user friendly as it used to be. The zoom bar has been removed, and the camera now struggles to focus as quickly as I need it to. Also, the picture quality doesn't appear to be as sharp. Is there any way to change the camera settings back?
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