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  1. Evernote Safari Web Clipper is working fine. Its the Evernote Helper that is no longer working. The Evernote helper lets you do screen shots of more than just what's in the Safari Browser.
  2. So far none of the fixes have worked for me. Evernote Helper is the name of the process that is hanging up and not writing to Evernote. Last time I used it and it was working I had not installed the Safari web clipper. As I remember things, the Evernote Helper ( Elephant in upper right 1/4 of the desktop screen) was working fine and even as a web clipper, though a little more manual than the Safari web clipper. I have uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled and that did not work. I have deleted other users ( test user, guest user is not enabled), but it still does not work. The Safari Web clipper is working but its limited to things that are being displayed in Safari, which is only one of my desires. I can not clip pages from WebEx with the Safari web clipper. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. I recently installed the Safari web clipper, but I also have another screen clipping capability in the little elephant Icon located in the upper right screen of my iMac. I just tried to do a screen clip from the tool bar icon, it will not save the clipping to Evernote. I was trying to capture screen shots from a WebEx webinar, but I couldn't save to Evernote. This was possible before. Web clipping from the Safari Browser I did not test because WebEx has its own screen that does not reside within Safari. Does the safari web clipper interfere so that the traditional way of screen clipping no longer works? What is the resolution to this problem?
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