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  1. Actually It doesn't work like that for the new API key. User can only authorize one specific notebook for the third party accessing. I have no idea when this policy begins since I'm quite new for evernote development. I tried on yinxiang account, haven't apply for Evernote international api key yet. But I suppose the security policy would be the same.
  2. Thanks for the reply I've posted several days ago, and get no response. Here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46260328/evernote-sdk-how-can-i-get-the-permission-to-access-all-notebooks-metadata?noredirect=1#comment79497735_46260328
  3. I'm writing a chrome extension for quick search notes in fuzzy match model. So I need to cache all notes' metadata(title, url, createdTime,etc) in local storage. According to evernote offical doc, there are two ways to authenticate to the Evernote API, developer tokens and OAuth. But right now, 1. developer token has been deprecated.(if you go to the application URL you will get Update: the creation of developer tokens is temporarily disabled. 2. OAuth can only access one specific notebook(depend on user authentication) So my question is : is there anyway can work around to get all notes' metadata?
  4. Could anybody tell me why this thread is still Pending Approval???
  5. Updated: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I followed the generate token link and get this : Update: the creation of developer tokens is temporarily disabled. For both Evernote international and yinxiang account. Checked with tech support: 尊敬的用户 blurm,您好! 印象笔记目前没有单独针对笔记metadata的权限设置。 通过OAuth方式无法读取用户的全部笔记,只能创建新笔记或者读取应用笔记本(即用户在授权时指定的笔记本)中的笔记。 Developer Token因安全问题将停止支持,因此目前也不建议使用。 —印象笔记用户支持团队 blurm - 9月15日 oauth认证只能取得用户授权的某一个笔记本的笔记,如何获得用户的全部笔记(只要metadata,不需要内容)?Developer Token? 还可以通过如下方式联系我们: 在微信、微博给我们留言: 搜索『印象笔记』 看看知乎大神怎么用:http://dwz.cn/1ZVKbV 到豆瓣小组与更多用户互动:http://dwz.cn/4IeKL7 [N34GGL-53MJ] Basically it said Developer Token will not be supported soon since the security issues, and not recommanded to use it. I'm working with a chrome extension to fuzzy search notes, so I need to cache all notes' metadata. Right now, is there anyway can do this?
  6. And **bold**, __underlined__ etc. We really need a shortcut doc for Evernote web
  7. ESC and Ctrl+[ don't work inside Chrome as a tab, but Ctrl+C works. And if i run it as a Chrome app, that would be fine Maybe there are conflict between chrome plugins
  8. Hi Gock Really beautiful app! And a quick question, I tried the vim editor today, how can i exit from the insert mode, since ESC and Ctrl+[ didn't work. And how many features of vim does marxico support right now?
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