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  1. +++ Now the good news, I couldn't be happier - after 5 days everything works again. Thanks to the team! +++
  2. Thank you. I know that I can run both versions on my mac. But this does not help me, because - as you can see above - there is nothing to read in the new version. Only cryptic letters appear.
  3. At the moment I have done that, but I use evernote in firefox even more. But of course I want to use the new version in the desktop app and point out bugs, hoping that they will be fixed quickly
  4. What I have found out so far: (I always have the latest versions for Mac and Evernote) Not readable are the notes in: Google Chrome and evernote Desktop. They are readable in: Firefox and Safari. Characteristics of the notes: This strange effect on the font happens only with the settings "Normal Text" and "Large Headline". When I convert the cryptic characters to bold, they are readable again. (see screenshot)
  5. I can't read notes in the app or in the browser after I updated to Big Sur. Does anyone have a similar experience? Best, Hermann
  6. Shane, please. Inline Tags/Anchor Point requests merged into this thread so you can better quantify and qualify user requests. I've been using Evernote for many years now, but I feel very conned when I read it. For more than 5 years now the community has been demanding a simple function that has been HTML standard for ages and you still seriously want to quantify? I'm so annoyed by this that I'm seriously thinking about changing the product.
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